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Wall Padding

Propads Wall padding is perfect for many applications such as calm rooms, NHS and sensory rooms plus areas where impact against a wall is highly possible such as sports halls, arenas, gyms, contact and training rooms. Not only are you protecting form potential injury to the individuals who use these areas, but you're also reducing repair and maintenance costs to the property.

All projects will be bespoke so our wall pads are designed and manufactured to fit your specific requirements. We have supplied our padding solutions to schools and multi sports centres, but they can be applied anywhere, indoors or outdoors.


We use an effective high impact absorbent foam and durable PVC fabric material with rip-stop quality. We can make the padding to the thickness you require and with different fixing options available we can design the wall padding to best suit your project.

Propads wall padding is the ultimate solution to protect people from accidental injury whilst also preventing damage to the property they are attached to.

You can get in touch to discuss your project by email or by calling us on 0330 133 1772. We look forward to hearing from you.

All of our foam and PVC are low maintenance and fire retardant, meeting all required UK regs.

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