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Gym & Sports

Propads supplies gym & sports foam products & equipment, rugby post protectors and protective solutions for impact sports where foam padding would help reduce accidental impact and injuries. We offer a design option for you if you have restricted spaces, specific needs or want something different. Our gym & sports products, like our post protectors, can be made to fit. Your crash mats can be any size you need for instance.

We use proven solid foams and durable tear resistant PVC which are a perfect combination for our sports range, offering increased safety and reducing the risk of injury on contact. So for anything from post protection to crash mats and bespoke or one-off designs we have your back!

Gymnastics and Contact Sports

When it comes to our fantastic range of crash mats and coaching blocks we can make bespoke sizes to your specifications so you can have mats or blocks where standard sizes wouldn't otherwise fit. We will work with you to design the type of gym and sports equipment you need. We will also help you tailor your products so they can be joined together.

Our crash and landing mats come with an anti-slip base and are very easy to maintain.

Rugby Post Protectors

Using high impact absorbent foam our rugby post protectors offer players protection from serious injury whilst maximising your brand at the same time. You can have your club logo printed onto your sports products.

Any sports

If you are looking into reducing the risk to injury in any sports environment get in touch with us to see how we can help you out.

And don't forget your soft play shapes to compliment your club so that the little ones can play safely and keep themselves entertained in a fun environment.

All of our foam and PVC materials are fire retardant and are easy to maintain.

Our protective padding can be designed to specific sizes and requirements. We are happy to create one-off designs.

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