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Corner Guards

Propads corner guards can be used indoors or outdoors. We have 2 material options - Rubber corner guards and foam impact protection guards.

The rubber corner guards are generally used outdoors, but are just as effective for indoor use. These are more suited to working areas like warehouses, distribution centres, garages, car parks and anywhere wheeled traffic is part of the working environment for instance.

The foam corner guard options are for indoor use where certain corners are a potential danger especially in regards to adults and children and so would suit offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and hotels for instance.

The corner guards come in sections of 1m and can be easily cut to suit. The foam option are a high quality flexible polyurethane foam which is fire resistant, CFC and silicone free. The rubber option is manufactured from a flexible high impact PVC.

There are 2 options for colour - plain white (foam option) or safety black/yellow (foam or rubber option).

The foam guards are easy to install and come with a strong sticky backing tape - simply push into place and they will stick to the corner. The rubber option, especially if used outside, would be best attached by using fixings to keep them in place along with the attached sticky backing tape. You can also use construction adhesive. 


You can either go for subtle white or create a visual warning.

Corner guards aren't intrusive

They are fire retardant

Easy to install and fit any length required

Corner guards deflect impact and prevent corner damage

Whilst the foam guards are used to cover wall corners they can in fact be fitted to pretty much any 90 degree angle such as low ceiling beams, shelves, machinery and anywhere someone could potentially hurt themselves, especially hitting their head.

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