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SafeLog foam
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SafeLog Foam Products


SafeLog foam products allow you to cover almost anything whether its a large flat surface like a sports hall wall or something smaller like a post.  SafeLog foam can be used indoor and outdoor making it a very versatile product indeed.

All products are used mainly in large areas such as sports halls, Indoor play areas but can equally be utilised for smaller areas such as posts, wall corners and any awkward spaces that can pose a safety hazard.

Whilst these products are priced on supply only to you we can offer a service to fit the panels if required. We have SafeLog products for walls, floors and curved surfaces such as posts and pillars. All products are secured using a special glue which can adhere to most surfaces.

Tetris Panels

Tetris Panels are non-toxic and Fire resistant. They come in sizes 2m x 1m x 20mm thickness. The Tetris walling is ridged and grooved allowing it to go around curves and corners in one piece. These can be used anywhere and are excellent for areas with lots of corners or instances where there are a lot of posts or pillars.

Safe Wall Panels

Safe Wall panels are rigid and fire resistant. They come in sizes 2m x 1.48m x 30mm thickness. When going around corners you would use the corner Safe Wall strips. Safe Wall panels can be used in sports halls, Factories, Nurseries and areas with a big coverage requirement.

Easy Carpet

Easy carpet uses an interlocking system so the tiles link together without the use of glue. These tiles are for indoor use and can be used for indoor play areas, schools, waiting areas and at home – anywhere children can play. Easy carpet tiles are non-toxic and fire resistant. They come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

Outdoor Pavement

Outdoor Pavement slabs are manufactured for use in areas such as parks and playgrounds. They use an interlocking system allowing you to join as many pieces together to create paths, large surface play areas or small areas around swings and slides. The slabs are made from a mixture of pneumatic rubber granules and high quality polyurethane resin binder. They come in 2 sizes and thicknesses:

50cm x 50cm x 30mm

50cm x 50cm x 45mm

The SafeLog foam range has been carefully selected for their practical and safety use. All products use a glue which will stick to most surfaces and this is supplied. All products carry a 1 year guarantee.

If you have any questions then please do get in touch by clicking here