Redwood Canopy

Redwood canopy
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Redwood Canopy

Introduction is proud to supply the Redwood canopy range. This is based on the fact that Phil, ProPads owner, has one in his garden and has had since 2010.

Redwood canopies are designed to offer all-weather protection with a contemporary modern appearance. With a PVC waterproof membrane covering a robust wooden framework the Redwood Canopy can be used for many applications, all year round. It comes in 3 standard sizes – 3m x 3m, 4m x 3m and 6m x 3m.

The Frame

Using natural wood, the canopy frame will have a slightly greenish appearance that will enhance the natural variations of the frame itself. Over time the frame will become a natural honey brown colour before eventually fading into a driftwood grey colour. The frame, like any wooden fence or garden furniture can be painted or stained to match your outdoor colour scheme. 

Made from European Redwood this timber is supplied from sustainable resources and is fully certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.


The PVC roof is translucent, allowing light through, whilst stopping 100% of the harmful UV rays passing through. This allows for a light, airy feel whilst you’re under your canopy. The roof is also 100% waterproof which allows you to use your canopy during rainy weather. The roof is easy to maintain and, if cared for, can have a life expectancy of over 10 years.

The standard colour of the PVC roof is white, but we can provide them in different colours.


We supply PVC walling with or without see through window panels. The PVC panels will give you even more protection from the wind and driving rain as they can be opened or closed as desired.

You can also add lighting which will not only make the canopy atmosphere look fantastic at night, but it’ll be very welcoming too.

Whilst the canopy is used for hot tub covers, outdoor covered garden dining and as school canopies their use is wide and varied. They are fast becoming an affordable permanent option as people chooses to spend more time dining and relaxing outdoors.

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